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Free Two Week Storage

We understand the stress of remodeling/building. We understand that flooring is bulky and takes up space. We also understand that flooring weighs a ton… no literally… it can weigh a ton. Depending on the project size, flooring may need to be picked up by a different vehicle, or be picked up in multiple trips. Buy Floors Direct is happy to offer 2 weeks of free storage from the date of your purchase.

In Store Purchases

Customers must present an original receipt at the time of pick up. Buy Floors Direct reserves the right to hold any merchandise until proper ownership can be established. To allow someone other than yourself to pick up merchandise, such as a contractor or delivery service, you must authorize Buy Floors Direct to release your merchandise by entering the pickup person’s information. Anyone not on this list, regardless of possession of original receipt, wishing to obtain your merchandise must first be validated (in person) by you, the customer. The person(s) authorized to pick up materials must have a government issued photo I.D. for verification.