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Luxury vinyl plank and luxury vinyl tile are individual pieces of vinyl (note sheet vinyl) so they look like real hardwood planks or tile. Single LVP and LVT need to be glued directly to the floor, this type of flooring is usually specified for commercial applications.


Wood Plastic Composite. WPC is composed of a vinyl top layer applied to a waterproof, foamed core and usually has a pad attached. Foamed cores (adding air to the core) are more comfortable under foot, quieter and warmer than SPC. WPC is perfect for residential and light commercial settings.


Stone Plastic Composite. SPC is up to 75% limestone with no foaming agents added to the core, making it denser than WPC. The higher density provides better impact and dent resistance but at the expense of comfort under foot. SPC is an excellent choice for commercial applications as well as residential applications.

Rigid Core

Rigid Core is simply an industry term for any type of vinyl product that has a stiff/rigid core such as WPC and SPC. Virtually all rigid core products are click together, floating type products that are easy to install. LVP and LVT do not fall in this category because they are flimsy and bendable.