Hickory Sable

$1.39 per sq. ft

Color: Hickory Sable

Quality: 2nd Quality

Species: Hickory

Grade: Cabin


The Powerbuy Advantage

  • A Powerbuy is a unique buying opportunity created when a manufacturer has to sell off 1st quality flooring at a heavily discounted prices.
  • Our Buyers search the world for these unique, one time buying opportunities and buy these deals in Massive quantities.
  • Buy Floors Direct sells the Powerbuys directly from our middle Tennessee warehouses at prices no one else can match… Guaranteed.

Cabin Grade

  • Cabin grade hardwood is a material with slight blemishes which cause the material to be downgraded from 1st quality to “Cabin Grade”, or 2nd quality.
  • If you’re looking for big savings on hardwood and prefer a casual look with lots of character, this product is for you!
  • Remember to allow a higher waste factor for cabin grade hardwood!


Features and Benefits

Testing Alt
Testing Alt
Staple, Glue, or Float
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2nd Quality